Book of Asmodeus

Survive and write your own story! The Book of Asmodeus is an Interactive Augmented Reality Horror Book & Game. Write your own adventure with your own portrait. Summon demons from the pages and defeat them. But be careful! The Game is very difficult and and the demons come to life in your room. 
Good luck my old friend…

This book is 100% original handmade with 3D Printed and Polymer Clay cover. There is no other book like this. Book of Asmodeus is a handmade, painted with acrylic colors, artisanal binding, unlined pages, and a protective matte finish. Great gift for horror enthusiasts!
But listen to me! Please don’t read from the book because the demons will be free.
I told you…
– 100% Handmade 3D hardcover book
– You are the protagonist in the Book
– Interactive – You can write your own story
– Voice recognition
– Augmented Reality
– Multi Language
This book brings to life–quite literally–twelve demons from the book. Using interactive augmented reality (AR) to enhance the images on the pages, readers are able to see and interact with 3D demons, which appear to come alive and can be manipulated by the viewer. We use the latest AR technology (ARKit and ARCore).
Asmodeus is a powerful demon. He is considered one of the “seven princes of hell,” a position that requires a great deal of cunning and cruelty to obtain. Each of the “seven princes of hell” is responsible for spreading one of the “seven deadly sins.” Asmodeus specializes in lust. 

Son of Lilith

He is son of Adam and Lilith, the “mother of all succubi”. In other cases, Asmodeus preys on people  who succumb to lust.
5300 years ago Asmodeus wrote a book that people can summon his demons. If you defeat the demons, all earthly lust and pleasure are yours.
In 2021 we found that book ….

Summon the demons from the book and defeat them. If you’ve seen a lot of horror movies, you have a better chance of surviving. Use your mind and find the best solution. God have mercy on your soul!

Future of decision-based reading:

This is an interactive horror story, where you are the hero. This book is a little bit different to ones you may have read. You decide what is going to happen and how the story develops! You read part of the story and then are given a number of choices. Some of these choices will help you in continuing the story, but make a wrong one and  that’s it! You will have to start your adventure all over again…
Now, you can be the Hero, change your destiny! All you have to do is take a selfie and give it your name. You decide how you write the story. Complete all chapters, or you will burn in the fire of hell…
First of all, choose an archetype that is specific to you, just like in a horror movie. You will get the puzzles based on this. Which one are you?


His macho personality will be his downfall… The Jock is a pompous character. He believes that he can accomplish and dominate anything in his path. He likes to take the lead in any group setting, even if that means being the first to put himself in the face of danger. But trying to be the hero isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes the hero gets the death penalty.


She is just The Jock in female form. Not necessarily a cheerleader, she is a pretty girl who is not very bright and not very nice. She is usually the main female character’s best friend, for reason’s unknown to the rest of us. She is mean, but she is also beautiful so the other characters, mainly the guys, tolerate her. She is the object of desire or envy respectively, and is easy for viewers to hate and the villain to kill.


The Nerd is the smart one of the bunch. Usually the voice of reason, he is extremely aware of his surroundings, and can tell when something isn’t quite right. However, no one else in the group tends to believe him. He can become hysterical because of this and make rash decisions for the purpose of self-preservation… but these decisions make him vulnerable to being killed.


Nice guys finish last… or end up getting murdered… The  nice guy usually has an interest in the Final Girl. He consoles her when she is upset, talks to her, and it’s usually by a fireplace. He is attractive, caring, and looks out for the Final Girl’s best interests. However, he usually never gets anywhere and either ends up staying in  the “Friend Zone,” or gets killed trying to save her. Or both.


Those dressed in white may survive the night… The Final Girl is almost always a virgin. She’s shy and reserved, sweet and innocent. She’s got a clearer head than the rest and  makes all the right decisions. When everyone else is dead, she finds her inner fighter and defeats the evil, thereby becoming a killer herself. She’s usually a little bruised, bleeding on the face, arms or legs, but is still in one piece — the ultimate survivor.


Simple 2 steps:

Download the free Book of Asmodeus app from the AppStore or Google Play.


Download the free Book of Asmodeus app from the AppStore or Google Play.


Add your Nickname and take a selfie.

Interactive horror book
The size of The Book of Asmodeus is around 5.8 × 8.3 inches (A5) and 4.5 pounds with 126 pages. All the pages of the book will be printed on special thick 157gsm paper. This is a high-quality mat art  paper, which definitely feels well and holds well.

Note: This book is 100% handmade, therefore it might will look different on the photo, than what you receive.


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